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The best, the brightest and truly professional instructors!

SONJA KikiZomba

Sonja SCHINDLBECK (Belgium / Germany) – first time in Ukraine! International instructor Kizomba and Semba, an honorary member of the jury for the Kizomba in Belgium “Bachata Night” and the contest “AfricAdançar” in Germany! Mix of Angolan first hand authentic dancing and european analysis and pedagogy! She went to Angola to discover herself and learn the real AUTHENTIC way of dancing Kizomba. The best expert on ‘modern’ authentic Kizomba and Semba, elegant and charming!

Juan Jose Ortiz

Juan Jose Ortiz (CUBA) – casinero-champion, real Cuban Star back to Ukraine! Bright, cheerful, fiery and authentic! The coolest Casino nodes, the most spectacular elements of the Son and Rumba and best technique! Professional technique explanations and many years of teaching experience both at festivals and in his own school! Casino master classes of medium and high levels, bright as the Cuban sun and dizzying as strong rum!

Bogdan Khymenko and Tatyana Gromova

One of the best salsa teachers in Ukraine, establishers of SalsaBO dance school and founders of their own Salsa Casino style. Dancing salsa since 2008, huge teaching expertise! Best understanding of all kinds of salsa music and musicality! This time they have chosen Romantic Salsa routine to make everyone to fall in love with this beautiful and authentic dance. Soft leading/following and couple harmony are the main features of Salsa Romantic, join their classes and you’ll have lot’s of fun and positive emotions!

Tetiana Karpenko

Graceful, elegant and feminine, she is wild and incredibly plastic amazon queen! Her talent is to visualise all the nuances of music and rhythm. One of the most bright musicality partners on any dance floor, she will share some of her secrets with you! Come to Tatiana’s classes of Afro Moves & Salsa Lady Style to learn grace and elegance and feel wild and natural at the same time!


from international instuctors

Sonja KikiZomba

Juan Jose Ortiz


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